Can you help us reach our Skip4Kids fundraising goal?

We are so close to reaching our Skip4Kids fundraising goal! 

Our Skip4Kids event was launched to help raise much needed funds to cover the increased need of our services over the last few months.

We came up a little short of our goal, can you chip in a little to help?

We’re calling on you to help Kookaburra Kids leap towards positive change for all the young people who need our help.

Our Skip4Kids Virtual Skip-Off Event

Last week a bunch of enthusiastic skippers logged on to our live streamed Skip-Off event for our first ever #Skip4Kids Skip challenge! 

With participants completing the task of continuously skipping for 4 hours, the event was filled with lots of chuckles and quirky skipping tricks.  We were so delighted to have such great participation from the community. 

The Mental Health Trivia was also a hit, and rest assured we all learnt how to laugh like a Kookaburra after our CEO, Chris Giles and staff started the Skip-off! 

Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help the estimated 1 in 5 Australian young people impacted by family mental illness.

Can we count on your support?

An estimated 1 in 5 Australian children live in families impacted by mental illness.

Without some form of early intervention, kids who have a mentally unwell parent are 50% more likely to develop a mental health issue of their own.
– HAZEL 2010, WHO 2005.

It’s crucial these young people have access to evidence-based, age-appropriate prevention and early intervention mental health services.

Your donation helps Kookaburra Kids Foundation provide the support these young people need.

How Kookaburra Kids helps young people.

Kookaburra Kids delivers its services to young people between the ages of 8 and 18 who are experiencing family mental illness.

The program is 100% free and funded via generous supporters, just like you!

Our program aims to empower young people to build resilience, life-long knowledge and develop the skills and abilities they need to reach their full potential. This enables them to live beyond the impacts of family mental illness.

Specialist programs

Designed by clinicians, our programs help young people build resilience and grow beyond the impacts of family mental illness.

A pathway to ongoing help

Program participants learn positive help-seeking behaviour that equips them with the tools they need to reach their full potential.

For those who need it the most

Thanks to supporters like you, families are able to access our life-changing programs for their kids at no cost.

Can our young people count on your support?

Thank you!