Thousands of Australian kids need your support!

We need your help so we can continue to deliver the crucial support we provide for young people living in families impacted by mental illness. 

Our evidence-based programs aim to build life-long resilience, knowledge, and coping skills. All with the goal of empowering young people to live beyond the impacts of family mental illness. 

In a year of tremendous challenges, we have seen a sharp rise in the need for mental health support. To cater to the increased demand for our services, we have begun the process of fast-tracking the return of our face-to-face programs (where it is safe to do so), but we can’t do it without you.

Your donation supports Australian kids. With your help, we can reach the thousands of young people that rely on us for support.

The need never stops so we never stop. But we can’t do it without your generous support.

2020 has brought bushfires, drought, a pandemic and social unrest, all of which has resulted in an increased need for our services.

Kookaburra Kids provides evidence-based, age-appropriate prevention and early intervention mental health services. We deliver our services to young people between the ages of 8 and 18 experiencing family mental illness with the aim of empowering them to build resilience, life-long knowledge, skills and abilities so they can reach their full potential, and enable them to live beyond the impacts of family mental illness.

Best of all, it’s done in an environment that encourages learning, laughter and fun!

Australian Kookaburra Kids Foundation helps young people live beyond the impacts of family mental illness.


An essential service

With COVID-19 prohibiting social gatherings, young people need access to age-appropriate, professional-led support.


A pathway to ongoing help

The kids are encouraged to share their experiences and learn key lifelong skills that will help them at home and out of home.


Specialist programs

Designed by clinicians, our programs are proven to help young people build resilience and grow stronger through their understanding of mental health.


Provided free to families

Thanks to our generous supporters, Kookaburra Kids families are able to access our important services for their kids at no cost to them.

How Kookaburra Kids helps

We are Australia’s leading charitable organisation dedicated to supporting kids from families impacted by mental illness. Our mission is to improve the lives of young people by improving mental health literacy and encouraging positive help-seeking behaviour. 

We provide early intervention mental health services through evidence-based programs designed to help young people impacted by family mental illness. Our programs aim to reduce the stigma, build emotional competence, and increase help-seeking behaviours in a supportive and safe environment.  

With programs that facilitate open and positive conversations about mental health, we aim to reduce the stigma of mental illness to allow young people to live to lead fulfilling and happy lives.  

We are passionately appealing for donations so that we can reach and help more young people.

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